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About Similis

Similis in a nutshell

What is Similis?

Similis is a cloud-based process mapping application.

  • Accessible with any modern web browers.
  • Based on the BPMN, it produces easy to read process maps.
  • Get everyone aligned by sharing your maps, or presenting it in full-screen view.

Process Mapping

A process map is a graphical representation of how your business operates. It answers the basic what, where, when and who questions by showing you the activities, and their sequence, the decisions that needs to be made, as well as who is responsible.

A good process map is an asset if shared, used and properly maintained.

Here is how it can benefit your business:

Business process documentation

A process map presents your processes in a format that is both easy to understand and to follow . This will define the Current state and provides a blue print for how the process is done.

Best practice agreement

With your processes documented, it becomes much easier to agree and adopt consistent best practice.

Define responsibility

A good process maps will make process and activity responsibilities clear.

Opportunities for improvement

Visually identify process improvement through identifying:

  • unnecessary steps
  • posible risks
  • process bottlenecks

Process governance

With proper process governance, the improvement iterations will be documented to evidence the reasons for the change, preventing going back to "the old ways".


Approved process maps are a great resource for induction and training by providing a simple way to communicate the current process and best practices.

Regulatory Compliance

Process maps can be used to show compliance to regulatory standards and will also serve as a valuable resource for internal/external audits.

Meta-data can be stored against the process or activity to show where and how the organisation is compliant to specific clauses or to evidence proper controls in place.

Functions & Features

The nuts and bolts of SIMILIS

Cloud Based

All your process maps in the cloud.

No software installations or process maps in printed or PDF formats, as Similis is offered as a web application, requiring only a modern browser and internet connection. This provides you with a single secure cloud repository for all your process maps, that you can share with all stakeholders.

Similis will keep your information secure by providing strong access control, but keeping the administration light, with proper reporting to quickly assess who has access to which of your process maps.


Create that common language.

Based on the standard Business Process Mapping Notation (BPMN), Similis provides a limited set of clear, function-specific process map elements that will still allow you to construct very detailed process maps, but not complicate matters with an abundance of different choices.


Make it easy and inclusive.

Mapping, understanding, and improving your processes should not be the hard part of your business.

Each of the process mapping elements provided by Similis denotes a very specific function, decision or action and becomes the common language used by all stakeholders, allowing them to contribute productively in the creation and maintenance of your process maps, leading to an increased feeling of purpose and process ownership.

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